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It's time to start over

It's been a while since I have blogged and I have long felt that the way I have blogged is outdated and just no longer how I feel to express myself.

To be honest, this form of blogging was born in the days when webrings were a thing, and there was an active and interested blogosphere. That's not the case anymore. Besides, I am re-entering the technology field and what I would talk about is less about me (though puppy photos will always be around) and more about what I have been doing lately.

And there has been a LOT going on lately with me and #frontenddev learning and practice. That's what I want to write about. That's what I want to express. On top of that, I realise that I am among a few people who much prefer to work on a *nix command line and I feel like I should also talk about that.

And so here we are ...

This is me testing out a "blazing fast" and "stupidly simple" way to blog with Pico CMS. I suspect it will be a while before I get this place looking presentable, but for now ... at least you all know what I have been up and where I intend to go moving forward.

Stay tuned ... more is coming

BTW: if you still want to look at what's gone before, that site is still live.