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Moving from Drone CI to Woodpecker CI

It took me almost two whole days but I finally got the move from Drone CI to Woodpecker CI working.

See, my brain is so scrambled that I just could not figure out why it wasn't working the way I expected it to. Turns out I wasn't creating my secrets right. Somehow the copy and paste of the data was not working properly. I blame TextExpander, but I know it's probably me not double-checking that I copied everything right. So finally ... it is working.

Why'd I move? Well ... in chatting with the Calckey team, I discovered that Codeberg uses Woodpecker and I wanted to know why. Codeberg is the cloud implementation of Gitea and I have been trying really hard to use FOSS stuff. It's why I moved to Gitea in the first place. I loved that Gitlab has CI/CD built in, but they have some of their features gated behind a payment/subscription plan. Which is fine ... people need to earn for their labour. But for people like me who don't really work and can't afford to pay for some of those features, I figured I'd support the FOSS community as best I can.

Initially, I came in wanting to actually contribute but since I am still struggling with this unmanaged anxiety, I haven't been able to do much at all. Aside from not having the focus, I am having trouble retaining what I learn too.

Side note: I asked myself today why it is I want to work with Python when it would do me much better to spend some time learning and working with Wordpress so I can actually do some freelance work locally. Maybe. That's the reason - I can't focus. So I spend my time on Python because it gives me joy.

So anyway ... my whole learning plan has slowed all the way down these last few months because of all the added stressors I am faced with (aging parents, retiring hubby, needing work but not able to find a job I can do from home, etc). I really need to find a way to get back to it. And right now, coming down off this SSRI is just making me completely useless.


I sure know how to break things.