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re-styling this site

i have been wanting to re-do the theme for this site for a while. i have even started some work on it, but it just isn't working out the way i want it to. I've been scrolling through the [pelican-themes] repo for some inspiration but i have to say that pelican themers are as uninspired as i am.... no offence meant.

basically i want to do a dark/light mode version of the website... thus far, i've managed to only include the css directive color-scheme: light dark; to the theme without borking it completely and i have yet to add a button to switch from one to the other. so ... still a work in progress and a woefully meagre progress at that.

the thing is, i want a sidebar ... but i canNOT remember how to do with the CSS and i keep getting distracted looking at other stuff and losing the thread of my work. i mean, there is always this that i could probably refer to but i feel like i just cannot focus long enough to even look at that code. /sigh

it doesn't help that i am having nightmares again and waking up in the wee hours of the morning - assuming i get to sleep at all ... most nights i am sitting here at my computer puttering around as if it were day time. and if i force myself to get out of bed early in the morning, i run out of steam by lunchtime and nap for way too long.

and i have SO MUCH TO DO ... dammit.