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People are horrible

In the wee hours of the morning, while I was tossing and turning and waiting for sleep, I finally reached for my phone (I know, I know ... bad move if I want to sleep but wide awake and sweating) to browse the fedi timeline. A friend posted an image of a chunk of what looks to be Javascript (hard to tell with the font) written in a 'fancy' font (I'd guess something like the Zapafino font). I responded to that post and got a few likes so, as usual, I go through my likes to see if there are any interesting people to follow. One of them had a name that included the words 'maybe read the bio before following' which, at the time, seemed to be an interesting thing to put in your name. (Now that I think about it, it is definitely bait used to troll and harass people.) Of course, I am no intrigued so I read the bio.

You know, I have to point out here that hindsight is always perfect vision because now that I am writing about it, I am realising how stupid I was to fall for this. The name, the bio ... all words designed to instigate. The dude is a troll and after so many years on the internet, I should have known better. Further, the only agonising I should be doing is how much of a complete waste of my time to both follow and be aggro-amused at his response to my follow.

Anyway, to continue... his bio said something along the lines of "interested in people who are not right, not far left ... not impulsively against extreme beliefs ... there are possibilities other than left, right, and status quo! imagine that ....". I mean, in the light of morning, it's so obvious to me now. /sigh Anyway, I thought that it would interesting to see what this person posts about. I mean, he did 'like' my response to that javascript respone, didn't they? They can't be all bad ... can they?

They could. Immediately got a message from said person which said something to the tune of "clearly didn't read the bio. US Milspouse ew ... docker ew" and I was blocked.

I dunno about you, but ... if that isn't the diametric opposite of what the bio implies, then I really need to stop browsing the fedi at night.

People suck.

Oh, what did I say in response? This:

Just so we are all clear … it doesn’t matter how fancy the font JavaScript will always be shit.

Well, I thought it was funny anyway ...