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I just cannot win with my VPS

My DigitalOcean account was racking up a large bill every month; I needed to scale down my services. To do that, I had to move stuff off the current droplet and onto a smaller one. That meant moving stuff back home and setting up stuff to work with block storage. I also wanted use NPM to proxy to docker services because isolating some things seemed like a good idea. Well, that didn't work well with Wordpress and I honestly believe that the reason NPM wouldn't work properly is an issue with ipv6 addresses. Why? Because the Wordpress website looked fine from my home network (which is exclusively ipv4 - I am in Missouri after all) but when browsing to it from a client with an ipv6 address, it was all futzed up.

So I had to ditch NPM. Ideally I still wanted to proxy to the docker services without installing nginx and php-fpm but the only other reverse proxy options are Traefik and Caddy, neither of which I know very well. So I had to just install nginx and php-fpm after all. It worked but I am still unsatisfied with that.

So, back home, I stopped my NPM container and installed Caddy on the host (not in docker) to experiment and learn. (Side note: I absolutely love Caddy now ... I need to learn some more so I can install it on the VPS and ditch nginx and php-fpm for good ... on the host anyway - containerised versions are fine.)

So now that everything is working, the fediverse gets hit by some hardcore hacking and I need to update my Misskey instance. This involes downloading new files and rebuilding the containers in place. The new VPS canNOT manage that and runs out of space... that means I either have to upgrade my VPS or move bkgrdclrschm.link back home ... the latter is probably the best option but that means transferring a large number of files over the network which means slowing down everything.


This inevitably means more sleepless nights while I do that move. Guess while I am doing that, may as well synchronise to the new Nextcloud server as well.