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The Fediverse

For a long time, I have been disenchanted with the blue book and the blue bird networks. I already have this feeling that we're descending into an era of darkness socially, politically, economically ... and I am really struggling with the constant reminder of that fact. The Musk buyout was sort of a final straw for me.

The whole social network is so toxic and so riddled with one-man-upmanship and pointless chatter. Literally screaming into the void at the offchance of being discovered and given some sort of boost amongst the noise and chaos.

And then I sort of rediscovered the Fediverse ... specifically Mastodon. And I signed up. I think I remember signing up once before but I don't remember how, when, where, or even why. Most likely because I like to experiment with new tech when I find it.

Anyhow, just a few hours on fosstodon.org and I found a pet project to embark on again - running my own mastodon server. It took me a million different tries. And I tried out misskey and pleroma along the way but eventually figured I wanted all the Mastodon features.

And so I ended up sticking with the docs and now I have my own Mastodon instance. It's small and does lack some of the more resource instensive features, but that's ok. I enjoyed the journey anyway.

ETA: the mastodon server got shutdown to save costs... I'm now on a Misskey instance and wondering if I can find a simpler solution that is less complex ... looking at pleroma again.