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Migrating to a smaller VPS

My DO VPS grew exponentially over the last year. Why? I am not exactly sure ...

Looking back, it seems I thought I was running out of space and processing power. Turns out, I had a few rogue processes and duplicated files and so I didn't need as much space as I thought I did. The biggest contenders was the Misskey installation (which had accumulated a set of files for every migration I had ever done) and the Nextcloud installation. I could easily trim Misskey but I had some reticence about moving the cloud. In fact, as we speak, it's down and inaccessible. Nothing seems to be broken that I can see but ... I haven't checked everywhere.

The biggest issue was that I could not get my friends blog to work under docker. For some reason, the site would not work at all when the client was on the ipv6 network.

After all the troubleshooting and whatnot, I think it boils down to nginx proxy manager not working properly with routing ipv6 addresses. I could be wrong, and I have no proof, but since an installation on the host and using manual routing with nginx works without a glitch, this is the conclusion I have come to. Time to learn caddy, yes? I think it might handle this stuff better than npm does.

Anyway, suddenly I feel like I have nothing else to do ... my ansible backup is now fully automated and dynamic, my VPS migration is done, and I have all the services running that I want. It's time to re-focus on development. my Udemy python course, django, flask, and my first python app.

Now if only I could focus long enough to get all that done ...