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on gas prices

The other day, it sort of hit me why the US is feeling the gas price increase so acutely. It was triggered by conversations with the hubster and a rare visit to facebook where I noticed an in-law blaming Biden for the increase and a subsequent discussion on how (in some strange logic world) trump was better at this. (I know, I don't get it either ... sometimes people are just so inured with fanaticism and devotion that logic and realism escapes them.) So, I got all preachy and posted this:

It hit me just now. You know why we as USians feel this gas price increase so heavily? No established official public transportation. We depend solely on our own vehicles. If we had some proper public transport, it wouldn’t hurt so bad.

I am hearing that Germany is cutting train tickets prices. Meanwhile we’re over here blaming everyone except the people responsible for putting us here. Our local and regional representatives to congress who are enslaved to the corporate overlords.

Biden (or whoever is the current occupant of the White House) is an easy target for our anger. But trust me, the guy who gets into the oval last year or the year before does not have the kind of influence we think he does. It’s those deadbeats sitting in a congress seat for decades doing absolutely nothing for us.

I know ... passive aggressive works best on Facebook cos people get really annoyed when you address them directly about their bullshit.

The longer version of this rant is that most other developed countries have an established and regulated system of public transportation. They all work in varying degrees of success. Living in Germany for a few years showed me just how beautifully it CAN work. Even for regions outside of a major city center, the buses are on time, there is at least one train station, and people walke and bike a lot.

Most of these brainwashed USians would tell me how that can't work here ... but that's because it has never been tried and they can't fathom a world where it can work. That's ok. I don't care about their fragile egos. I am hear to speak truth and rationality as much as I can.

This country has so much potential and it is wasted by the corporate entities that have a stranglehold on the government institutions. I wish I was rich. I'd take a town and build it out properly. Show how this shit works.