:the fyr place:

the M-I-L is coming for a visit

The mother-in-law asked the hubster if she could come visit this weekend. When he told me, I pauwed. Instinctually I wanted to say no but the reasons I wanted to were pure selfishness. I didn't want to have to prepare house for overnight guests. Maybe I am lazy after all. My father would certainly tell me so.

The thing is, though, that it's all about that executive function ... it takes an incredible amount of extra energy for someone with chronic issues to organise and discipline themselves enough to meet deadlines and I have been having a bit of trouble in that area lately. I wish I did not, but I do. And I am working on fixing that, but it's slow getting into a routine.


On second thoughts, I think I will finish this thought later on. I need to get some sleep, dammit!

Editing to add: Well, I am back. I did NOT get a good night's sleep and thus today is a wash. But I have tons to do before Friday:

It's Tuesday and looking at that list just makes me feel exhausted.

Instead, I am sitting here in front of the television, sort of watching "The Girl with Dragon Tattoo" and pretending to learn how to reverse proxy with Traefik and Caddy ... neither of which I am getting any idea how to configure properly. I am stuck with either figuring out how NPM is fucking up and writing my own reverse proxy configs by hand ... and I am heavily inclined to just write the configs from scratch because right now Traefik and Caddy just seem to be beyond my understanding.

Now might be a good time to learn how to setup a VM with VirtualBox and Vagrant, yes? Then I have a sandbox environment in which to really learn this stuff instead of trying to figure out in production.

(Yes, yes ... I know ... learning in production is like saying I am sharing blood with sharks ...)

/sigh I sure know how to break things ...