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Manjaro and me

When I initially got this chromebook, I intended to install Arch Linux on it and learn another distro since I've been a Debian user for ages. But the Arch Linux didn't want to work and digging showed that this particular processor was not supported by Arch Linux.

I thought I had read somewhere that it is possible to build a kernel/version that does support it but that felt like a lot of work. I kept digging though because I know I can't have been the only person to want to do this. I think it was a reddit thread that introduced me to Manjaro so I had a looksee and decided to try it.

Backup the old debian install, burned an iso to my little USB drive, and hit the gas. I've been going at about 200kph since. The first install I borked because I think I got my password entered wrong at install. So I reinstalled. And now here I am with a basic setup. I've already sort of gotten the hang of the keyboard shortcuts on Manjaro. I've changed the default browser, added tmux and added my ssh key to my servers.

Looking around, I am finding that this is a MUCH better option than Debian. While Debian is stable and easy to use (for me, at least), it really does not do software upgrades too well. Like, I can't replace the python3.9 on Debian; I have to install Python3.10 alongside it. Manjaro already has the latest Python installed by default.

Oh yeah ... I am in geek heaven right now. Excuse me while I do some more experimenting...

I did realise that i3 works on Debian and briefly considered putting Debian back on this Chromebook ... but the trackpad works in Manjaro and doesn't in Debian so ... yeah ... I am sticking to Manjaro on here.