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Linux on my main machine?

Linux as the OS on my main machine?

You read that right.

I've been working on the linux command line for a few weeks now and am enjoying it SO much that I feel like it is time to branch out onto a machine solely for coding. If I had money, I'd get me something nice. But I don't. I have my eyes on a Chromebook that from all I am reading is suitable to the task of sunning linux as a desktop machine.

I stumbled onto a post where the HP X360 was touted as the best for multitasking and since I am usually doing a LOT of things at once, I settled on a version of that. It's on my wishlist. Hopefully someone feels sorry for me for my birthday ... heh.

What have I been up?

Learning python and ansible mostly.

I coded my first website in python-flask and have it running here on my home server selecting data from an sqlite3 database. It's fast. And it was pretty easy to build. The hard part was figuring out how to serve it up and reverse proxy to it. I should probably write a little about that ... later. It's after midnight and I need to go to bed. But I at least wanted to post a small update on what I've been doing. (Not that anyone sees these posts anymore ... since I don't use Wordpress, the RSS likely doesn't work the way it used to and I don't think many people even read blogs anymore.)

It's also time to start the job hunt

I've been feeling a lot better lately and I feel like it's time to start searching for steady work so I can fuel my geek pleasures again. More on that later.

Anywho, this was just a small update. More anon.