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The intention of this page is so that you can walk with me while I spruce up my current skills. I will outline the courses and practices and challenges I am currently working on, and a list courses, technologies, techniques, etc. that I'd like to pursue at some point later on.

One of the things I have learned in the last few years is the fact that I learn best by doing. Reading about a thing, and then doing it and seeing it happen for myself in real time. This means that many courses and guides out there either bore me to distraction or cause me to wander off onto some unrelated task, effectively stalling my completiong. Of all the spaces on the web, it seems I can stomach udemy the best. So many of the course I list will be from their catalog. I will note where I can which ones are free and what the cost is normally otherwise. I got myself a personal plan so that I can learn other things on my own time.

Ok - without further blather ...


  1. I am currently working through a CSS course on Udemy to get certification.
  2. I have a bootcamp unfinished because I lost interest and keep losing interest every time I tackle it anew.


  1. Most of the challenges I do come from Frontend Mentor but there are a few that I went out and found for myself.
  2. One I am particularly proud of is a tabs challenge because it required me to learn and master some basic javascript functionality. You can see it live here. Bonus: I made it responsive ... ish.


I am currently working through some Javascript challenges. I've completed most of these and while I know there is very little to see, I'll throw the code up somewhere for you to see it in action and update this page.