:the fyr place:

My gitea has it's own domain now

I forget what I was looking for now but apparently I had gotten the fyrfli.dev domain registered and was planning to move my gitea.fyrfli.io site to fyrfli.dev instead. I had the domain all set up and DNS records done. All that was left was to set up a redirect and re-configure the gitea instance. Turns out with a redirect, it's REAL easy to do. A couple of mouse clicks and a little typing and vo├Čla ... fyrfli dot dev is live.

Why am I doing it? Well, gitea dot fyrfli dot io is a lot to type, plus fyrfli dot dev feels more "professional" ... assuming I ever get my coding to a place where it needs to be "professional".

Which reminds me ... I think I need to get checked out for some attention deficit shit cos I cannot focus long enough to get anything finished. Not these days.

But I digress ...

In other news, Syla got neutered today. She's home again, doing ok ... groggy and grumpy. She went straight into her crate and is still in there. I hear a little whining, and there was a little puking (probably partly anxiety cos the other kiddoes were sniffing around her) but she seems to be ok. The biggest problem was Casper... for some reason, Syla coming home in that state has upset his stomach so we are walking around cleaning up puke every where. Yay me ... with my emetophobia. I nearly wasn't able to eat dinner.

Also, in other news, I found a new game and app ... building is one of those things I enjoy doing to just de-stress. I sometimes do it in ARK but I wanted something new, something more realistic, something more along the lines of Planet Zoo. So ... here I am designing and building spaces.

Tonight, though, it's all about providing some stability and comfort to my baby Syla as she recovers from her surgery. That's how it is going to have to be for a couple of days so I guess now is a good opportunity to do some basic maintenance etc from my laptop on the couch over the next few days. Which is fine, I don't mind that. It's winter time so the couch provides me with a comfortable base to work from with blankets surrounding me.

I sure hope she's better by the time we get snow again so she can go out and play in it. Poor baby.

Anywho - going to look into fixing a few things on this pelican instance.