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Boosted and ready to go!

I have been meaning to go get my COVID booster for months. Something always stops me - either I get sick, or hubby gets sick, or something happens ... well, hubby is sick this weekend but I decided to just go and get the shot anyway. Wore my mask, like a responsible human being should, and puckered and let them poke me.

Again, here in rural Missouri, it is always a bit of a shock to go out in public in a mask and get the looks that say "why are you wearing a mask?" from everyone. I mean, the pandemic isn't over... not to say that many of them even believed there was a real pandemic in the first place. Thanks to certain happenings, USians are no longer living in the realm of reality. Most of them are living in various versions of a fantasy world where institutions no longer have the voice of reason and education they used to have, public figures are liars (except for their particular favourites, of course), and everything that endangers normal people is not real. It pains me to see this kind of willful and malicious ignorance keep alive.

Anywho, got my booster - they had to issue me a new card because the laminated one can no longer be updated - which is fine, I guess, but now I have to travel with two vaccination cards. Which is not a problem, per se, but it does make it easier to lose one or the other if they aren't always together.

Got into some pretty heavy negativity on the fediverse today too. Nothing new in what happened, just disappointed that it happened. It was bound to at some point ... I guess I just hoped that that sort of ignorance, bigotry, and tone-deafness would stay far away from me on the fedi. Oh well.

Feeling a little on the low side tonight ... most likely as a result of the vaccination and just stale-tiredness that I have been carrying around for months.

Oh; I did hear that the FBI (?) seized the zlibrary site (zlib dot org) this week. I mean, I don't object to creators being paid. I am a little aghast that they can only be paid if they go with one of the big publishing houses or chance obscurity. I hate that the power is held by a few with limitless resources to squash the smaller ones.

For example, I called the local glass cutter to give us a quote on replacing out bitched-up patio door with a one that has a pet door inset and he is telling me that Lowes will beat him on price "hands down". Like ... why shouldn't the local guy get all the work? Why should Lowes be able to compete with him? Why doesn't Lowes try and work with local craftsmen and merchants? This is why we can't have nice things because a few powerfully rich people hold the power and the rest of us are just along for the ride.

Anywho - I am going to spend the next hour or so shooting at heads because that always makes me feel better.