:the fyr place:

It's a new day

I was impressed with Pico - it made publishing a lot easier. But ultimately, I was not happy with ... something. If I had to pin down what that something was, I'd probably say that it was the php aspect. I have never been a fan of php. I can't even tell you why. That dislike has just solidified since I discovered python. So I set out to look for something else and stumbled onto WriteAs. That interested me for a while because it's federated and the fediverse is a welcome change from Facebook and Twitter. But even that didn't hold me for long.

Then I stumbled onto Hugo again and wanted to check it out and I was well on the way to getting it setup when I decided to search for other static site generators and found pelican and a tutorial from fullstackpython and let me tell you ... I am sold.

It's going to take some time for me to get acquainted with this new way to blog, but I am sure I will have tons of fun doing it.

Which is kind of my problem ... I learn something new and I have fun learning and then I lose interest.

🍻 Here's hoping that's not gonna happen this time around, yeah?

So what to expect here in the next few days?