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I am so sick right now

Well ... I mean it's not like I didn't expect it. Everytime the hubster has someone sick at work, he brings it home and gives it to me. It never fails. The only thing that varies is how sick he gets. This time, it has hit him just as hard. And here I am on day two and I feel like week-old, microwaved leftovers. ugh. He is on day 4 and says it's the first day he hasn"t felt like shit.

Tylenol cold and flu is my best friend for the next few days. And this couch will likely be my base of operations over those few days.

I hate being sick.

Oh: apparently anxiety can cause sweating which probably helps explain some of my issues with sweating. If I am always anxious, then I guess I am more likely to sweat than not. And coupled with menopause, and I'm a sweaty mess most days (and nights). It's kinda nice to discover explanations for the things that ail us.