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Anxiety and IBS are connected?

I woke up this morning feeling like shit. Again. I am so tired of feeling ill. I just assumed, at first, that it was yet another day of covid booster fallout or that cold that the hubster brought home, or allergies. But after my coffee, I ended up in the bathroom with another bout of diarrhoea and cramping.

Back when I still had a uterus, monthly bathroom marathons lead my doctors and I to think that I had endometriosis related IBS. Now that I am again suffering from this nonsense, but without the monthly hemorrhaging, I figured I should look up the symptoms of IBS again. And I am learning that it can be associated with anxiety and depression as well as other conditions.

I wonder if my IBS was always because of the anxiety and not the endometriosis?

Maybe it's time to see my doctor ...