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another day, another wasted day

The other night, I was up late trying to figure out what the hell was happening with my DO droplet. The nginx configuration was somehow really messed up, directing sites to the wrong locations and I could not, for the life of me, figure out where I went wrong. I was up until like 5 or 6 that next morning.

I finally went to bed, but I ended up sleeping most of that day. I slept that night just fine, but I was sleepy all the next day as well. I tried to stay awake. I think I even managed to stay awake until really late that evening when I just passed out in front of the TV. I slept that night. Fairly well. But I was sleeping all the next day anyway. Yesterday, I was up all day, but sleepy. I managed to stay awake until a few minutes in the night when I gave up and just lay down on my office floor with the blanket.

I went to bed and slept all night. I even forgot to take my meds. I slept through the night. But this morning, I could NOT wake up. and when I finally forced myself out of bed, I was still soo tired that I went to the couch and slept some more. I have literally slept all day today ... most of the day.

But I am still tired. I'll probably sleep all night tonight too. And I really really really hope that today is the last day like this. I really need to get stuff done during the day. I need a routine. I need to be able to be up at the latest 9am, asleep by the latest midnight. I need to take my meds on time - both the night ones and the morning one. I need to be able to be productive during the day - if for no other reason than I need to complete the move from one droplet to another so the costs start coming down.


So tired of feeling tired and ill.