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It's been one of *those* days today

It has been one of those days that I am reminded that I am:

It makes me wonder whether I can really go back to a regular day job because after a full day of 'work', I actually got more done today in between long naps than I did all yesterday sitting at my desk. Granted, had I been as productive yesterday as I was today, it would probably take about two hours overall but 8ish hours of work yesterday was a useless blob of time that I will never get back.

Ok ... that's a little harsh. I am my worst critic. I know. It's not half as bad as I make out. And in fact, yesterday was a lot less useless than I make it out to be. I was playing WoW as well so ... there is that. (BTW: there is a new expansion coming out - Dragonflight - so that's taking up some of my bandwidth too).

I've been struggling with my nginx config on my DigitalOcean droplet for a week or so (maybe more but I just wasn't aware of the extent of the problem a few days ago. I've come to the conclusion that the issue is either connected to ipv6<->ipv4 communition, or I futzed the nginx config something terrible. And I am inclined to believe it's more the latter. I have tried troubleshooting in place but ultimately I think that multiple experimentations on that droplet over the years has probably left a lot of debris hanging around.

What I ended up doing was using a new droplet. I meant to downgrade anyway since I discovered I was using FAR less space and cpu/ram than I thought I needed. Nextcloud is the big issue here. That and misskey are the biggest things I have running and ultimately I don't think I need a whole nextcloud instance for myself. A smaller cloud platform might be all I really need - something like Syncthing or Pydio may be in my immediate future. That means that my nextcloud instance is going to be MIA for that move and all the links I have to it will be broken ... and there are a LOT of those. Especially on this blog too - in fact, ALL the photos on this site is hosted on Nextcloud - that move is going to take a lot more planning and work than just a simple site move. /sigh

The good news is that I have NPM working on the new droplet which means I won't be handling the nginx proxying myself - which is kind of a double-edged sword: the live sites should work without issue, but I won't have that hands-on learning I would if I coded it all by hand. But considering how futzed the old droplet configuration is ... that's probably not that bad a thing.

It's late. I am going to get ready and go to bed and TRY to get proper sleep tonight. Pick up tomorrrow. Let's hope that sleeping all day won't interfere with my sleep tonight.

Pic of me and the hubster at our most recent military police ball to brighten this wall of text ...

author and husband in a selfie, both smiling broadly and dressed in formal wear

(Side note: I really need to install pelican's image optimisation plugin ASAP)